AWS Lambda and API Gateway play a crucial role in Amazon’s serverless compute offerings. In this tutorial, we will create a Lambda PowerShell Function and associate it with Amazon’s API Gateway to demonstrate how these services work together to create a dynamic web page. In continuation of the last article I wrote How To Create An AWS Lambda PowerShell Function the Easy Way — Using Docker we will be utilizing the Docker container I created as it has all the dependencies required to publish PowerShell code to AWS Lambda.


I’ve been working with PowerShell since its beginning and haven’t looked back since. Last year, while working on an serverless project for work, I decided to try Lambda on my own and deploy some PowerShell code to AWS to see how it works.

Fast forward to now…I started working more with AWS on my own while studying for some certs. I jumped back into Lambda and was reminded of how tedious it was to setup my environment for publishing my PowerShell code to AWS. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any notes last time and wanted to ensure I next time around…

Amazon Lightsail makes it easy for anyone, at any skill level, to create a VPS in AWS with little more than a few clicks.

On the surface, AWS may seem intimidating with over 175 service offerings with acronyms like EC2, EBS, and VPC — it’s enough to make even a seasoned professional steer away from as AWS isn’t necessarily known for its ease of entry.

So, today I want to share an Amazon service with you comparable to some of the more well-known budget VPS providers out there, like Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode.

Amazon Lightsail makes it easy for…

This tutorial is inspired by a question posted on the Rasberry Pi Stack Exchange site titled “Website behind Firewall: How to SSL through a Reverse SSH Tunnel?”.

A little background. The person posting the question is using a Raspberry Pi to host a website and has opened a reverse SSH tunnel from their Raspberry Pi to a VPS..for the sake of this tutorial, a Digital Ocean VPS. The original poster has pointed DNS for a custom domain to the Digital Ocean VPS and would like to know how to access the Pi’s website from said domain.

In this tutorial we…

Rick Jacobo

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

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